Customize Page Appearance

You can quickly customize the look of your API Portal pages by modifying visual elements.
You can quickly customize the look of your API Portal pages by modifying the visual elements.
Apply your customization to all organizations by creating a custom global theme. Apply customization to a specific organization by selecting the organization.
To customize the page appearance:
  1. From the dashboard, select 
  2. To customize the page appearance for:
    • All organizations, select 
      Manage Global Theme
    • A specific organization, select the organization.
Restore Defaults
 button at the bottom of the Manage Global Theme page has no confirmation dialog. If you select the button, all values are reset to the out-of-box defaults without confirmation.
 to select and upload the favicon, and header/footer images for your Portal pages, as shown in the following example. To avoid a white box around your logo, make the PNG background transparent.
 Display images.png 
Select the navigation item and customize the text label for the navigation item that displays in the 
 menu located at the top of your page.
Display Navigation Labels.png
You can edit labels after you define and save them, by clicking 
 in the text box for the navigation item.
The following image shows this link:
Define Navigation.png
  • Select the 
    Version Number
     to display the Portal version number on the login screen.
  • Select 
    CA Copyright
     to display the CA copyright information on the page footer.
    The following image shows the CA Copyright: copyright.png
  • Select the 
    Cookie Consent
     to show a banner displaying the cookie notification in API Portal along with the link to the privacy policy.
    Follow these steps:
    1. Select the 
      Cookie Consent
       checkbox, and then select 
    2. Select the font and font size.
    3. (Optional) Replace the default text to add your own. Maximum word limit: 400 characters.
    4. Set hyperlinks (if any). Maximum hyperlinks: Two.
    5. Select 
      Apply Changes
      This banner is displayed in all the pages of Portal until the user selects the close icon to hide the banner.