Deploy to Proxies using Portal

This article provides information about how to manage API key deployments using
API Portal
This article provides information about how to manage API key deployments to proxies using
API Portal
In this article:
View API Key Deployment Details
You can view the following API key deployment details on the
tab within an application:
This tab displays when you have the application open in view-only mode.
  • A list of the API keys that have been added to the application.
  • For each API key:
    • The name of the API key.
    • The status of the API key:
      • Enabled
      • Disabled
    • Cards for each active proxy.
    • The deployment status for each API key:
      • Already deployed (the status is “Deployed”).
      • Pending deployment (the status is “Pending deployment”).
      • Not yet deployed (the status is “Not deployed”).
      • Pending undeployment (the status is “Pending undeployment”).
      • Error in the deployment (the status is “Deployment error” or "Validation error").
    • Messages about a deployment when there are errors in the deployment.
The following image shows an example of this tab:
Application Deployments
Follow these steps:
  1. Log in to
    API Portal
    as a Portal Admin.
  2. From the menu bar, select
    A list of applications appears.
  3. Select the name of the application for which you want to view application deployment details.
    tab displays be default.
  4. Select the
    The active proxies display as cards on the page.
Manage API Key Deployments to On Demand Proxies
You can manage API key deployments by deploying, undeploying, and redeploy API keys to proxies.
The key deployment type for the proxy is set to
On Demand
. For more information about this setting, see Manage Proxies.
Follow these steps:
  1. On the
    tab, in a proxy's card, select from the following:
    • If the API key is not yet deployed to the proxy, click
    • If the API key is already deployed to the proxy, is pending deployment, is pending undeployment, or has an error, click
      to redeploy the API key to the proxy or
      to undeploy the API key from the proxy.
  2. Click
    when prompted.