Visualize traffic trends, latency, and usage of APIs and Apps by generating reports.
Analytics help you understand common scenarios and make better business decisions:
  • Which APIs have the most hits?
  • How API traffic is trending over a period of time?
  • What is the average API response time?
  • What is the error rate?
  • What is the average latency time?
  • What are the usage limits of my Account Plan?
Analytics data is retained for
years. You can enable or disable analytics while deploying the Portal stack. The
menu appears on the menu bar if you have enabled the analytics stack.
When enabled, you can monitor and visualize traffic, latency, error rate, and usage trends of APIs by navigating to the corresponding reports. You can filter data based on APIs and/or applications and/or organizations, and select a specific time period as well. These reports generate related graphs based on the filters that you select:
  • This report shows traffic, response latency, and error rate trends of APIs over the selected period of time. You can compare current metrics with historical data and understand the corresponding trends for the selected period.
  • This report shows the monthly quota consumption and the daily quota consumption of APIs and applications over a period of time as determined by the assigned account plan.
  • : Use this report to drill-down to specific API metrics and visualize the exact data based on your business requirements.
Portal Admins and API Owners can access metrics for all the APIs, applications, and organizations across the tenant.
Org Admins and Developers can access metrics for the APIs and applications that are specific to their organization.
Org Publishers can filter data by organization and proxies. To understand the consumption of their APIs across organizations, they can access metrics and visualize the data for all the APIs and applications owned by their organization as well as applications of other organizations using their APIs. See the individual report sections for the specific details.