5.0.2- 2021-06-29 (S), 2021-07-06 (P)

About Staging and Production Environments
Each API Management SaaS upgrade is available to test in a staging environment before it is pushed to production. Refer to the dates in this change log for:
  • The date that the upgrade is available in the staging environment (S), and
  • The date that the upgrade is pushed to production (P).


  • API Hub: View Multiple API Keys in API Applications
    Application developers can now view multiple keys associated with an application from the API Hub.
    To download the latest updates on API Hub, see the CA APIM GitHub page.


  • Enhanced Synchronization for Automatic API and API Key Deployments
    The mechanism used to synchronize automatic API and API key deployments between the Portal and API Gateway has been enhanced to improve reliability and scalability for high-volume API synchronization operations. To learn more about this enhancement and its other benefits, see Manage Proxies.
    To start using the enhanced synchronization method for automatic API and API key deployments on your API proxy, you must install the latest update of the Portal Integration Bundle on the API proxy.
  • Improved Proxy Details Page
    The Proxy Details page shows Portal administrators how API Gateways are currently enrolled and configured to work with the
    API Management SaaS
    and has been improved in several ways. The page has been redesigned to provide a more practical and informational dashboard experience for Portal administrators who want to quickly understand the status of their proxies and effectively gain insights from all deployment activities managed by the
    API Management SaaS
    .  The following is a highlight summary of those improvements. For a detailed summary of the new Proxy Details page, see Manage Proxies.
    • New Connected/Disconnected Status
      : Take out the guesswork by determining immediately whether your API proxy is experiencing any connection issues with the Developer Portal.
    • Three New Navigation Tabs
      : Users can cycle through three unique views of API proxy details, including a high-level overview (as shown), API Deployments, and API Key Deployments.
    • New Compatibility Indicator
      : Quickly determine if your proxy has the latest Portal Integration Bundle installed to leverage the latest integration capabilities between the Portal and Gateway.
    • Enhanced APIs and Application API Key Tiles
      : These tiles now show groupings of API and API Key counts by source and deployment status. You can also click individual counts to see finer details for each unique grouping in their respective API Deployments or API Key Deployments tabs and quickly identify deployment problems if they arise.
    • New Stacked Horizontal Bar Graph
      :  Lets administrators easily compare API or API key deployments statuses by colour segmentation.
  • Spring Boot Library Upgrades
    The Spring Boot Libraries used in API Portal have been updated to provide additional security and performance updates to Portal components.


  • Multiple Defect Fixes Completed for /v2/users API
    The following fixes were made to the /v2/users API endpoint:
    • HATEOAS links have been changed to relative links to align with the behaviour of other APIs (they were incorrectly returned as absolute URLs prior to the fix)
    • Validation of invalid values inserted in the Limit and Offset fields now result in a '404 (NOT_FOUND)' response instead of '400 (BAD_REQUEST)'
    • UUID format validation check is now enforced as a priority for API calls
    • Minor endpoint permissions issues have been resolved

Deprecated and Discontinued Features

Deprecated APIs
The following APIs have been deprecated as part of an ongoing effort to streamline API Portal's system architecture:
  • Custom Pages
  • Search
Custom Pages
The custom page resources assist organizations in customizing their developer console. They include:
  • GET /custom/1.0/pages
    to return all custom pages.
  • POST /custom/1.0/pages/assign
    to update custom page assignments.
Moving forward, users are encouraged to use the API Hub for all developer console customization tasks as an alternative.
Search resources are used to search for APIs and applications in the Portal dashboard. They include:
  • GET /search/query
    to search for Portal entities by keyword.
  • GET /search/autosuggest
    to search for entities by autosuggested terms.
Alternatively, users are asked to use the following APIs instead to perform their API or application searches:
  • GET /api-management/1.0/apis
  • GET /api-management/1.0/applications
Discontinued APIs
The previously deprecated
APIs have now been discontinued (see deprecated APIs section of the PAPI Swagger File 5.0 for a detailed description of this resource).
Moving forward, users are encouraged to use the
API instead. For more details, see PAPI Swagger File 5.0.2.
API Developer Portal Release and Support Lifecycle Dates
For more information on product release support lifecycle dates and upcoming End-Of-Service dates, see the API Developer Portal Release and Support Lifecycle Dates page.