Manage API Lifecycles and States

Portal Admins and API Owners can change the state of an API.
Portal Admins and API Owners can change the state of an API based on the following API lifecycles:
  • Unpublished to Incomplete
  • Incomplete to Enabled
  • Deprecated to Enabled
  • Disabled to Enabled
  • Enabled to Deprecated
  • Enabled to Disabled
  • Deprecated to Disabled
Developers can add APIs and API groups that are in the Enabled state to their applications and applications can use them. When an API proxy administrator adds a
API to the
API Portal
, the state of the API is new. Developers can add only
APIs that are in the Enabled state to their applications.
After an API or API group that is in the Enabled state is added to an application, the application continues to use the API and API group in the following ways:
  • Deprecated API groups continue to work with existing associated applications but applications cannot use them.
  • You change the state of APIs that API groups use to Deprecated. For more information, see Manage API Groups.
Even if a private API is enabled, Developers can add only those APIs to which they have access to their applications.
Change the State of an API
Follow these steps:
  1. Log in as a Portal Admin or API Owner.
  2. From the menu bar, select
    page appears.
  3. Select the name of the API that you want to change the state.
    tab for the API appears.
  4. Select
    Edit API Details
    page appears.
  5. Change the state, and then select
    Save & Next
The state of the API is changed.