Manage API Tags

Add Tags to an API
Adding tags is a way to group categories of relevant APIs. Tags surface on the
page. Consumers can then search and discover APIs according to their visibility permissions using these tags.
In the
section of the Add/Edit API wizard, the tags that are imported from the Swagger document and those available in
API Management SaaS
are listed.
You can add up to 25 tags to an API. Maximum tag length is 60 characters.
All restrictions on the tag naming convention are removed and all characters are now allowed in tag names.
Follow these steps:
  1. In the Add/Edit API wizard, you can add tags in the
    section. Alternatively, you can navigate to an existing API and click
    Edit Tags
  2. Select the tags that you need to associate with the API.
    The tags are added to the
    Select swagger tags
    to select all the tags that have been imported from Swagger with a single click.
  3. To add a tag, enter the tag in the
    Enter tag name
    field, and then click
    Add New Tag
    The tag is added and it is selected to be applied to the API.
  4. Click
    Save & Next
The selected tags are added to the API.
Portal Administrators can filter tags using the
filter with the new endpoint in the Portal API (PAPI):
GET /api-management/1.0/tags?inUse=False
to get all API tags that are not associated with any API.