Manage API Key Deployments to Proxies

As a Portal Admin or API Owner, you can deploy an application's API keys to specific API proxies. These proxies represent specific environments and define the backend Gateways. Gateways process incoming requests from physical applications using proxies. You can define more granular access within a single application by adding API key/secret pairs for each designated consumer, and then deploy those API keys to different proxies.
For more information about API keys and how to manage them, Manage API Keys.
You can manage API key deployments to proxies using the following methods:
Control How you Want your API Keys Deployed to Proxies
As a Portal Admin, you can control how
API Portal
deploys your API keys to proxies. You do this by setting the
Key Deployment Type
for the proxy.
You can set the key deployment type for a proxy to one of the following:
  • Automatic:
    This is the default key deployment type for a proxy. Choose this type when you want
    API Portal
    to automatically deploy, undeploy, and redeploy application changes to all proxies. Changes include adding, editing, and deleting applications.
    This type is recommended in the following cases:
    • You want rapid iteration of development.
    • You want convenient and low-maintenance deployments.
    • You have development environments.
    (To deploy API keys with hashed secrets to automatic proxies) You have OAuth Toolkit (OTK) version 4.4 or higher installed. For more information, see Enable Hashed Client Secret.
  • On Demand:
    Choose this type when you want the Portal Admin to deploy, undeploy, and redeploy API keys to on demand proxies.
    This type is recommended in the following cases:
    • You have geographically-distributed environments.
    • You have user accepted testing (UAT) environments.
    • You want to stagger API key deployments to proxies across your development, testing, and production environments.
    When a Portal Admin deploys, undeploys, and redeploys an API key to a proxy, the Portal Deployer client handles API key deployment, undeployment, and redeployment. Ensure that the API proxy administrator has installed and enabled the Portal Deployer modular assertion on the proxy during the enrollment or upgrade process.
    For more information about how to troubleshoot issues with deploying API keys to on demand proxies, see Troubleshoot API Key Deployments.
For more information about the
Key Deployment Type
setting, see Manage Proxies.