Manage API Plans

This article describes the concept of API plans and provides examples of single and multiple-API plan scenarios.
To start using the enhanced synchronization method for API plans, ensure you have installed the latest update of the Portal Integration Bundle on the API proxy. For the latest version of the bundle supported by the Portal, see Compatibility Matrix.
API plans control the rates at which your applications can access individual APIs, both private and public. Portal Admins and API Owners can add, edit, and delete API plans.
Portal Admins, API Owners, Org Admins, and Developers can:
  • View the details for an API plan, such as the description and rate and quota limits.
  • Choose an API plan for APIs to which their application subscribes.
    For more information, see View and Choose API Plans.
In this topic:
For information about how to create, edit, and delete API plans, see Working with API Plans.
Before you can manage API plans, ensure that you have met the following prerequisites:
  • You are running the following product versions or higher:
    • Gateway 9.3
    • OTK 4.3.1
    • Portal Release 4.3.2
  • There are no active API groups added to any applications.
  • The Portal Admin has turned on API plans for the tenant.
    For more information, see Working with API Plans.
Use Cases
You can choose multiple API plans for the same organization. The following examples highlight the different use cases from single and multiple-API plan scenarios.
Single API Plan Scenario
Multiple API Plan Scenario