Manage Policy Templates

This section provides information about how to manage, publish, and deploy policy templates in
API Management SaaS
About Policy Templates
Publishers use policy templates to customize how a policy or policy fragment on the API proxy processes calls to an API.
The following methods are available for adding or importing policy templates into
API Management SaaS
Use Case
Proxy enrollment
Policy templates are added to
API Management SaaS
as part of the proxy enrollment and during subsequent updates to the integration software.
Also known as pre-baked policy templates, this method adds standard authentication, quota, and rate limit policy templates to
API Management SaaS
. For more information about proxy enrollment, see Integrate On-Premise API Proxies.
Policy Manager
Use the Policy Manager to convert a policy fragment into an encapsulated assertion, then enable the assertion so that
API Management SaaS
can discover and publish it.
API proxy administrators enable individual assertions and policies to be published through
API Management SaaS
. For more information, see Add Policy Template using Policy Manager.
Gateway bundles
Policy authors create policy bundles in the Gateway Policy Plugin. The bundle can include assertions as well as other policy- or environment-specific entities.
Portal Admins can import Gateway bundles into
API Management SaaS
, centrally manage the assertions, policies, and/or services contained with them, and deploy them to the proxies managed in
API Management SaaS
. For more information, see Manage Policy with Gateway Bundles.
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