Install the Policy Manager under MacOS X

This topic describes how to install the Layer7 API Gateway Policy Manager on an Apple Mac computer running MacOS X for a single user.
  • Retrieve the required Policy Manager file from the Broadcom Support Portal.
  • Ensure the following is set for the Policy Manager:
To install the Policy Manager on your MacOS X machine:
  1. Log into your Mac with your user name and password.
  2. Open the Terminal application and locate and unzip the file. This file contains the required Manager-.tar.gz file.
  3. Unpack and uncompress the Manager-<version>.tar.gz file into the "$HOME/securespan" installation directory by typing the following commands:
    # mkdir $HOME/securespan # cd $HOME/securespan # tar -xzvf -- /<directory>/Manager-<version>.tar.gz # cd ~
    The last command returns you to the default directory. It is recommended that you create and unpack the installation files into the "/$HOME/securespan/" directory. If you choose to use a different directory, then replace the "/$HOME/securespan" path with your chosen directory path in the command line. If you choose to create a different directory, then do so before using the command line. Unpacking the tarball signifies your acceptance of the terms and conditions in the License Agreement.
  4. The installation files appear in the target directory. Start the Policy Manager with the following command:
    # $HOME/securespan/Manager-/sh