Patch a Software Gateway

This section describes how to patch gateways in the Software form factor.
This section describes how to patch
Layer7 API Gateway
s in the Software form factor.
The Gateway provides patch management feature to help you organize the incremental patches for the Gateway. These patches may be issued by CA Technologies to update functionality in the Gateway software.
Before installing a patch, be sure to
  • Back up your Gateway before installing a patch. For more information, see Back Up Gateways.
  • Stop any running Gateways with the following command:
    /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/runtime/bin/ stop
Obtain the Patch Files
To obtain the patch files
  1. Go to the Support site:
  2. Sign into your account.
  3. In the Symantec Enterprise Security category, select
    Download Management
    and search for "Layer7 API Gateway".
  4. Select your Gateway product from the results that appear. A list of DVD images is displayed.
  5. In the "Service Pack" column, '0000' indicates the base release, while a number such as '01' indicates a service pack release.
  6. Download the appropriate archive(s) to your hard drive and unzip them.
  7. Locate the necessary patch files in the archive and copy them to a temporary location on your hard drive.
    See List of Update Files for the names of patch files you need.
  8. Copy the patch files to the following directory on the Gateway:
Obtain Cumulative Release Patch Files
All Cumulative Release package contents found in the API Gateway Solutions and Packages page contain, at a minimum, the core installation artifacts, such as the .L7P and Policy Manager installation files that pertain to the features and fixes of the CR. However, add-ons such as the Gateway Migration Utility tool or CA SSO aren't necessarily updated on the same CR schedule and may not be included in the same zip package. Gateway users planning to install the latest versions of those add-ons are encouraged to search directly in the API Gateway Solutions and Packages page.
In between major releases, check the following site regularly for cumulative releases. You should receive proactive notification emails from Support when these are available.
To download cumulative release patch files for the Gateway:
Install a Patch
To install a patch
  1. Log in as the
  2. Run the following command:
    # /opt/SecureSpan/Controller/bin/ <target> <action>
    • "<target>"
      is either the patch API endpoint URI or the Process Controller home directory; if not specified, the <
      > defaults to:
    • "<action>"
      is one of the actions in the table below.
  3. If you have installed a patch, you may be prompted to restart the Gateway.
Uploads the patch named
to the Gateway.
Installs the patch with the identifier
. This patch must already be uploaded using the
The patch ID is normally the patch file name, excluding the extension.
A message indicates that the patch is successfully installed. On-screen messages notify you If further configuration is required or if a Gateway restart is necessary.
Removes an uninstalled patch from the list of registered patches on the Gateway. It physically deletes the patch from the internal repository, but not from the original pre-upload location.
Note the following when deleting a patch:
  • Only patches in the UPLOADED state can be deleted.
  • Deleting a patch only sets its state to NONE -- the patch itself is not physically removed from the appliance.
  • A deleted patch may be uploaded and installed again if necessary.
Lists all the patches currently registered on the Gateway and their statuses.