Upgrade a Software Gateway

This section describes how to upgrade s in the software form factor. 
This section describes how to upgrade API Gateway in the software form factor. 
This topic assumes that you have an existing operational Gateway. If you are configuring a newly purchased Gateway, see Configure the Software Gateway instead.
If your installation includes any Custom Assertions, verify with Support before upgrading to ensure that your particular custom assertion will not cause issues during the Gateway upgrade.
Upgrade Software Gateway
Upgrade Software Gateway
Step 1: Determine the Existing Version
Before upgrading, you can use the procedure below to verify the version of the
Layer7 API Gateway
currently installed. After upgrading, you can use these steps to validate that the installation packages were installed correctly.
To determine the version of the Gateway under RHEL/CentOS
  • At the command prompt, type:
    text# rpm -q ssg
    The installed version of the Gateway is displayed.
Step 2: Download Update Files
Refer to "Application Update for Software" in List of Update Files for the files that are required to upgrade the
Layer7 API Gateway
(note that the
updates are not required for Software Gateways).
For information about how to download the archive files from the Support site, see "Obtain the Patch Files" in Patch a Software Gateway.
Step 3: Install Upgrade Files