Upgrade an Appliance Gateway

This section describes how to upgrade gateways in the appliance and virtual appliance form factors.
How to Get to Gateway 10.0
To upgrade the appliance and virtual appliance form factors of the Layer7 API Gateway, follow one of the following procedures:
The standard upgrade procedure uses platform patches to move sequentially from one version to the next. You cannot skip versions.
Use this procedure to upgrade your Gateway sequentially to version 9.4, then use the Expedited Upgrade Procedure to upgrade to version 10.0.
The standard upgrade procedure cannot be used to upgrade from Gateway 9.4 to 10.0.
Choose between the manual or automated versions of the expedited upgrade procedure. Perform the preparation tasks, the expedited procedure, then the post-upgrade tasks.
The Automated Expedited procedure is only available for upgrading from Gateway 9.4 to Gateway 10.0.
The Manual Expedited procedure can be used to upgrade an Appliance Gateway directly from version 9.x to 10.0. The procedure allows you to skip versions, but be aware that some older OTK and MAG versions will not work with Gateway 10.0. Refer to the APIM Product Compatibility Chart.