Install the Apply DFDL Transformation Assertion

The Apply DFDL Transformation custom assertion provides the capability to manage precompiled DFDL processors and drive data transformation using the Apply DFDL Transformation assertion.
You need to configure the DFDL processors using the Manage DFDL Processors option before using the assertion.
This section describes how to install the custom assertion on Gateway. When installation is complete, the
Apply DFDL Transformation
assertion appears in the Policy Manager, under both
Message Validation/Transformation
Custom Assertions
Before You Begin
Ensure that you have:
  • A configured
    Layer7 API Gateway
    , version 9.4 CR4 or higher.
  • Access to the installation files:
  • Locate these files in the "Layer7 API Gateway Custom Assertions" distribution archive in the Release Notes.
Install the Assertion
To install the custom assertion:
  1. Log in as ssgconfig and open a  privileged shell from the Gateway configuration menu.
  2. Stop the Gateway:
    # service ssg stop
  3. Navigate to the location of the custom assertion installation files.
  4. Remove any previous version of the custom assertion if it exists, uninstall it first:
    # rpm -e DFDLTransformationAssertion-<version>.rpm
  5. Install the assertion:
    # rpm -Uvh DFDLTransformationAssertion-10.0.00.rpm
  6. Restart the Gateway:
    # service ssg start
The custom assertion now appears in the Policy Manager.