Release Notes 10.0

Summary of enhancements, fixes, and open issues.
This page contains important upgrade notes and a distribution archives list for the Layer7 API Gateway version 10.0
About Layer7 Cumulative Release (CR) Zip Package Contents
All Cumulative Release package contents found in the API Gateway Solutions and Packages page contain, at a minimum, the core installation artifacts, such as the .L7P and Policy Manager installation files that pertain to the features and fixes of the CR. However, add-ons such as the Gateway Migration Utility tool or CA SSO aren't necessarily updated on the same CR schedule and may not be included in the same zip package. Gateway users planning to install the latest versions of those add-ons are encouraged to search directly in the API Gateway Solutions and Packages page.
The latest Gateway add-ons supplied by Layer7 and their filenames are summarized as follows:
Latest Release
First Availability
Gateway Migration Utility
Gateway 10.0 CR4
Gateway 10.0 CR1
nShield HSM Client
Gateway 10.0 CR3
nShield HSM Installation Package for Software Gateways
Gateway 10.0 CR1
Gateway Version 10.0 CR4
Read about the new features and enhancements and resolved issues for this CR.
Planned End of Service for Gateway Hardware Appliance X5
Effective October 31, 2022, Broadcom will discontinue support for the Oracle X5-2 server. Read the Broadcom End-of-Service announcement.
Stay up to date with key product lifecycle dates (e.g., General Availability, End of Service, End of Life, etc.) by checking this Support page. Dates for MAG, OTK and PAPIM products are also included.
Planned End of Service for Gateway Version 10.0
Effective March 31, 2023, Broadcom will discontinue support for Gateway version 10.0 and its cumulative releases. Read the Broadcom End-of-Service announcement.
Gateway Version 10.0 CR3
Read about the new features and enhancements and resolved issues for this CR.
AdoptOpenJDK 8u275 and TLS v1.3
Gateway version 10.0 CR3 now supports AdoptOpenJDK 8u275 and TLS v1.3.
As Broadcom Layer7 continues to support newer releases of AdoptOpenJDK, Gateway users are advised to prepare for the deprecation of TLS v1.0 and v1.1 support in future releases of the Gateway.
nShield HSM Users Who Require FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Compliance
Users requiring to run their nShield HSM in FIPS 140-2 level 3 mode are advised to NOT upgrade their Gateway version to 10.0 CR3 until further notice. You can read about the known issue here.
Gateway users are advised to prepare for the deprecation of Gateway Enterprise Service Manager (ESM). Effective October 31, 2021, Layer7 Broadcom will discontinue support for the ESM product.
Gateway Version 10.0 CR2
Read about the new features and enhancements and resolved issues for this CR.
Changes to Layer7 API Gateway Techdocs
The release of Gateway version 10.0 CR2 also marks a significant change to how Gateway documentation is published.  Content that's exclusive to the installation, configuration, and operation of the Container Gateway has been moved to the new Layer7 API Container Gateway Techdocs site. All content relevant to the other form factors, including the appliance or software form factors, will continue to be published and maintained on this Layer7 API Gateway Techdocs site.
Techdocs documentation for the API Gateway Policy Plugin is now available.
Gateway Version 10.0 CR1
Read about the new features and enhancements and resolved issues for this CR.
[Issued September 10, 2020] For customers using the API Gateway with the Layer7 API Developer Portal, a sync issue exists that renders some Portal-published APIs incompatible with API Gateway version 10 CR1. As a temporary workaround, we recommend API Portal customers to use other versions of the API Gateway while a fix is being worked on. In the case where an upgrade has been performed and a rollback is not possible, you can download and manually install an attached revised policy from Broadcom Support. See KB 199747: Compatibility with API Portal 4.x and API Gateway 10 CR1 for details.
Expedited Appliance Upgrade Procedure Required
Applies to hardware appliance and virtual appliance API Gateways. Includes customers hosting the Gateway on AMI and Azure.
Due to the CentOS 7.x platform requirement of this major release, the Expedited Appliance Upgrade procedure is
when upgrading an earlier Gateway version to Gateway version 10.0.   If you intend to migrate multiple appliance Gateway 9.4 clusters to Gateway 10.0, consider using the Automated Expedited Upgrade procedure.
Software Gateway customers can upgrade to version 10.0 by using the standard patching process.
It's also strongly recommended that you review the Known Issues related to the CentOS 7 platform prior to performing the upgrade.
CentOS 7 allows customers to take advantage of the new Gateway features and enhancements listed here.
Impact on Gateway Solution Toolkits
If you are using Gateway solution toolkits such as the OAuth Toolkit or the Mobile API Gateway for your virtual appliance Gateway, you must manually back up all customized system properties prior to reinstalling the solution toolkits on the new Gateway version 10.0 instance.
Changes to Enterprise Service Manager Support
Please be advised that new releases of Enterprise Service Manager (ESM) are not planned after version 1.19. While it is not officially packaged with Gateway version 10.0, ESM version 1.19 should continue to work with Gateway version 10.0 as designed.
However, it is highly recommended that customers with an existing ESM license who plan to continue using ESM host it on an exclusive Gateway server that's dedicated to the operation of the ESM version 1.19. Because the ESM was last officially packaged with the Gateway in the version 9.4 CR4 Gateway image, the dedicated server should have Gateway 9.4 CR4 installed.
Customers are encouraged to use alternative Layer7 tools such as GMU and/or Precision Monitoring as a substitute for the Gateway migration and monitoring capabilities of ESM going forward.
New Gateway Licenses
New Gateway version 10.0 licenses can be requested through the Customer Care Web Form. When filling out the form, be sure to select
Licensing - CA Enterprise Software
as the Request Type.
Distribution Archives for 10.0
Release 10.0 is distributed across the following .ZIP archives. Download the ones you need. For detailed instructions on how to access these archives, see "Obtain the Patch Files" in Patch a Software Gateway.
File Name
Layer7 API Gateway Software Installer Upgrader-10.0.00
Gateway software install for CentOS, Application Upgrade patch file - L7P
Layer7 API Gateway CustomAssertions-10.0.00
Custom Assertion installation files
The Apply DFDL Transformation Assertion is the only custom assertion to be included in the Gateway Version 10 custom assertions archive. If you must use or install any other custom assertions, please find them in the distribution archives for Gateway version 9.4.
Layer7 API Gateway DevelopmentTools-10.0.00
Gateway Management Developer Kit, Gateway Migration Utility
Layer7 API Gateway PolicyManager-10.0.00
Policy Manager installers (Windows & Linux)
Layer7 API Gateway Virtual CentOS Appliance OVA-10.0
Virtual CentOS Appliance Gateway OVA image
Layer7 API Gateway Virtual CentOS Appliance Imager-10.0
Virtual CentOS Appliance Imager
Layer7 Gateway Hardware CentOS Appliance Imager X7-10.0
Hardware CentOS Appliance Imager for X7
Layer7 API Gateway XVC-10.0
XML VPN Client for Windows and Linux
Layer7 API Gateway Hardware CentOS Appliance Imager X5-10
Hardware CentOS Appliance Imager for X5
OTK Installers 4.4
OAuth Toolkit Installer Solution Kit and Database Scripts
Layer7 API Management Technical Documentation
Most Layer7 API Management technical documentation is contained within this TechDocs site ( Legacy documentation in non-Web format include:
Other Layer7 API Management Online Documentation
Access related documentation from the TechDocs site.
Layer7 API Gateway Offline Documentation
A PDF version of the Layer7 API Gateway documentation is available for deployments where Internet access is disabled due to security reasons. Look for the PDF button near the top of the page.