Add a User or Group to a Role

You can add users or groups to the roles in the Policy Manager. 
You can add users or groups to the roles in the Policy Manager. 
To add a user or group to a role:
  1. Start the Manage Roles task and then select the role to which you are adding the user or group.
  2. In the [Assignments] tab, click [
    ]. The Search Identity Provider dialog appears.
    Optionally filter the search by using the 
     drop-down list and field. You can use the asterisk  wildcard to match any number of characters. Note that only Internal Identity Provider and LDAP Identity Provider users and groups can be added to a role.
    If adding LDAP users, ensure that the 
    Allow assignment to administrative roles
     check box has been selected in the LDAP Identity Provider properties.
  3. Click [
    ]. The list of users and groups is displayed.
    If the user or group you want is not found, you can add it by following the instructions under Creating an Internal Group.
  4. Select the user or group to add, then click [
    ]. The user or group is added to the role.
  5. Click [
    ] when done.
All role changes are effective immediately on the
Layer7 API Gateway
, however changes may not be reflected on the Policy Manager interface until the Manager is restarted or the current user logs out and in again.