Install, Configure, Upgrade

This document section describes how to install and configure the Layer7 API Gateway and its accompanying Policy Manager. You'll also earn how to configure a Gateway cluster.
Upgrading Virtual or Hardware Appliance to API Gateway Version 10.x
For the virtual or hardware appliance form factors of the API Gateway, version 10.x of the Gateway must run on CentOS 7.x.
You cannot use the standard upgrade procedure (platform patches) to upgrade virtual or hardware appliance form factors to Gateway 10.x. Only software Gateway customers can upgrade to version 10.x via the standard patching process.
To get to Gateway version 10.x, you must use either the
Automated Expedited Upgrade Procedure
For Gateway 9.x, the Manual Expedited Upgrade Procedure is supported. You can skip versions. For example, upgrade from 9.2 to 10.x is supported.
For Gateway 9.4, the Automated Expedited Upgrade procedure is also available. The automated procedure is designed to help migrate multiple Gateway clusters and requires Ansible, an open-source tool.
The following terms are used throughout this section:
  • "Gateway" refers to the
    Layer7 API Gateway
  • "Policy Manager" refers to the
    Layer7 API Gateway
    - Policy Manager
  • "Appliance" refers to both the Hardware or Virtual form factors of the
    Layer7 API Gateway
    , unless noted
  • "CI/CD" refers to Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Audience and Assumptions

These instructions are intended for facility coordinators, security managers, and other IT infrastructure staff familiar with:
  • The hardware and software infrastructure that will be used with the Layer7 API Management products, such as firewalls, Layer 2 or Layer 3 switches, routers, load balancers, databases, identity management or access control systems, application servers, and more.
  • Advanced TCP-IP and internetworking concepts, web services, and user management knowledge.
  • Software Gateways: Advanced knowledge of the host operating system and familiarity with a 'Bring Your Own Infrastructure' setup and configuration.
  • DevOps Workflows: If you are interested in deploying your Gateway Solution in a CI/CD pipeline, you must have working knowledge of third-party DevOps tools such as a Version Control System, build automation tool, and Continuous Integration/Delivery tools, as required by your DevOps architecture.