Configure a Gateway Cluster

This procedure applies to both Appliance and Software Gateways, except as noted.
Layer7 API Gateway
cluster consists of multiple nodes that connect to a single database. A Load Balancer allows the cluster to present a unified network interface to client systems and software. The Gateway cluster shares the service policies, identity providers, and configuration settings administered in the Policy Manager. Clusters increase the scalability, processing power, and reliability of the Gateway implementation.
The Gateway cluster can distinguish between time-sensitive data that must be updated synchronously, data that is node-specific, and data that must be commonly available yet updated asynchronously. For example, policy and configuration setting changes are automatically propagated to each cluster node asynchronously within five seconds. In contrast, replay attack data and SLA counters are synchronized instantaneously cluster-wide.
(1) This section describes how to set up
Gateways in a cluster. If you need to cluster
stand-alone Gateways, refer to the following document from the Support site: Convert a single Gateway database node into a clustered Gateway database pair. (2) Gateway clustering is not available if you are using an embedded database. For more information, see Using the Gateway Embedded Database.
Complete the Cluster Configuration Worksheet while pre-planning your cluster. This helps you complete the configuration wizard more quickly when configuring the first Gateway processing node.
The following diagram shows the general network configuration for a Gateway cluster:
System Requirements
Gateway cluster node requirements are the same as those for a standalone Gateway, with the addition of the following:
  • An industry-standard Load Balancer device installed and configured on the network.
  • Each Gateway that will become a node in the cluster must possess its own host name, IP address, and original node address within the Load Balancer. The cluster must also possess a host name and IP address in the Load Balancer.
    These parameters are defined in the Gateway Helm Chart for the Container Gateway.
  • The following only applies to Appliance Gateways
    • Two nodes of the cluster must be installed and configured with the MySQL database with known root user names and root user passwords.