Configure SafeNet Luna SA HSM

This section describes the installation and upgrade procedures for the SafeNet Luna SA Hardware Security Module (HSM) client on the
Layer7 API Gateway
. For information on the currently supported Luna HSM client versions, refer to the Requirements and Compatibility page.
Configurations described here apply to specific combinations of Gateway 10.1 releases and Luna HSM client versions. Luna HSM users are encouraged to consult Luna documentation or support if they have questions regarding the compatibility between the HSM client version and the actual Luna HSM hardware version or model.
All configuration scenarios assume that the Luna HSM client software on the Gateway machine must already have a partition that assigned to it in the Luna HSM.
Luna HSM users planning to upgrade to 10.1 are REQUIRED to upgrade their existing Luna HSM client to v10.2. If you have already upgraded to v10.2 as part of the Gateway version 10.0 CR 3 upgrade process, additional configuration steps may be needed to accommodate Java 11 requirements. Moving forward, the Luna HSM v5.4.1 and v7.2 clients will
no longer be supported
by the Gateway.
If you're looking to...
  • Install version 10.2 of the Luna SA HSM client, go to this page.
Legal Disclaimer
The acquisition of the Luna client is at the Customer's sole discretion and entirely subject to the terms of that third-party provider.