Release Notes 10.1

Summary of enhancements, fixes, and open issues.
This page contains important upgrade notes and a distribution archives list for the Layer7 API Gateway version 10.1
API Gateway Now Runs on Java 11
For the release of version 10.1, Gateway system infrastructure has been updated to support Java 11.0.11+9, ensuring that the Gateway is able to utilize current Java language, library, performance, and security improvements. However, the improvements of the Java update also comes with some deprecations and removals within the Java library and Java feature set from Java 8 - this may require some additional configurations for users planning to upgrade to Gateway version 10.1.
TLS v1.0 and v1.1 Disabled by Default
Java 11 disables TLS v1.0 and v1.1 as the default, giving preference to more modern and secure versions such as TLS v1.2 and v1.3.
The Gateway also recognizes that TLS v1.0 and TLS v1.1 will no longer be the current standard moving forward and the release of Gateway version 10.1 marks the end-of-support for these protocols.
Should you require backwards compatibility for the Gateway for either inbound or outbound connections using TLS v1.0 or v1.1, you may attempt to do so (at your own risk) by modifying the configuration file as outlined in Java 11's official release notes.
Custom Assertions Created with Gateway Version 10.0 or Earlier Must Be Recreated
Users who plan to use custom assertions created with Gateway version 10.0 or earlier (i.e., Java 8) must recreate the assertions using the latest Gateway custom assertion SDK. This ensures that custom assertions are compatible with Java 11.
Standard Upgrade Procedure Change for Appliance Gateways: Restart the Gateway Before Upgrading the Database
Users must restart the Gateway AFTER applying the Gateway L7P patch file and BEFORE performing the Database Upgrade step as outlined in the revised Standard Upgrade Procedure.
HSM Users: Update Client Software As Required
HSM users must upgrade their client software to a Java-11 compatible version as specified in the Requirements and Compatibility page. To learn more about client software installations and updates, see one of the following pages:
Expedited Appliance Upgrade Procedure Required for Gateway 9.x Users
Applies to hardware appliance and virtual appliance API Gateways running version 9.x. Includes customers hosting the Gateway on AMI and Azure.
Due to the CentOS 7.x platform requirement, which was first introduced for the release of Gateway version 10.0, the Expedited Appliance Upgrade procedure is
when upgrading a Gateway version older than 10.0 (i.e., version 9.x) to Gateway version 10.1. If you intend to migrate multiple appliance Gateway 9.4 clusters to Gateway 10.1, consider using the Automated Expedited Upgrade procedure.
Software Gateway customers and appliance customers who have Gateway 10.0 installed can upgrade to version 10.1 by using the standard patching process.
It's also strongly recommended that you review the Known Issues related to the CentOS 7 platform prior to performing the upgrade.
Impact on Gateway Solution Toolkits
If you are using Gateway solution toolkits such as the OAuth Toolkit or the Mobile API Gateway for your virtual appliance Gateway, you must manually back up all customized system properties prior to reinstalling the solution toolkits on the new Gateway version 10.1 instance.
News and Announcements
Planned Deprecation of Support for AMI and VHD Form Factors of the Gateway
The release of Gateway version 10.1 marks the last release to support Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) form factors of the Gateway. Broadcom will end support for these products beginning June 30, 2024. Read the Broadcom End-of-Life  announcement.
Planned End of Service for Gateway Hardware Appliance X5
Effective October 31, 2022, Broadcom will discontinue support for the Oracle X5-2 server. Read the Broadcom End-of-Service announcement.
Planned End of Service for Gateway Version 10.0
Effective March 31, 2023, Broadcom will discontinue support for Gateway version 10.0 and its cumulative releases. Read the Broadcom End-of-Service announcement.
Distribution Archives for 10.1
Release 10.1 is distributed across the following .ZIP archives. Download the ones you need. For detailed instructions on how to access these archives, see "Obtain the Patch Files" in Patch a Software Gateway.
File Name
Gateway software install for Centos/RHEL OS, CA SSO Upgrade, Gateway Upgrade, and SSGBackup
Custom Assertion installation files
The Apply DFDL Transformation Assertion is the only custom assertion to be included in the Gateway Version 10.1 custom assertions archive.
Java 11 Custom Assertion SDK, Gateway Migration Utility and DCT
Policy Manager installers (Windows & Linux)
Virtual CentOS Appliance Gateway OVA image
Virtual CentOS Appliance Imager
Hardware CentOS Appliance Imager for X7 and X8
CA SSO Upgrade and Gateway/Platform Upgrade
Layer7 API Management Technical Documentation
Most Layer7 API Management technical documentation is contained within this TechDocs site ( Legacy documentation in non-Web format include:
Other Layer7 API Management Online Documentation
Access related documentation from the TechDocs site.
Layer7 API Gateway Offline Documentation
A PDF version of the Layer7 API Gateway documentation is available for deployments where Internet access is disabled due to security reasons. Look for the PDF button near the top of the page.