Deprecated Features and Support

This topic lists Gateway features that have been or will be deprecated. Layer7 shall either discontinue or offer very limited support on a case-by-case basis for these deprecated items.
AWS AMI and Azure VHD Appliance Support
Gateway version 10.1 will be the last release to include the AWS AMI and Azure VHD form factors. We recommend using the Container Gateway docker image instead for cloud deployments of the Gateway.
Gateway Enterprise Service Manager (ESM)
As of Gateway version 10.1, the ESM product is no longer supported.
Gateway XML VPN Client
As of Gateway version 10.1, the XML VPN Client is no longer supported.
Command Line Policy Migration Tool (CMT)
Support for CMT has been deprecated. We recommend that you use GMU or Gateway Policy Plugin to migrate and/or upgrade Gateway configurations and artifacts.
JavaScript Assertion
The JavaScript Assertion is deprecated. This assertion is based on the Nashorn JavaScript Engine which is deprecated in Java 11.
JSON Schema
Beginning with Gateway version 10.0 CR1, JSON Schema v2 has been deprecated due to critical CVEs found in a third-party library. Users are advised to upgrade any existing JSON schemas from v2 to v4 in their affected Gateway policy assertions (e.g., Validate JSON Schema Assertion (Threat Protection)) before upgrading to version Gateway 10.0 CR1 or newer. Users of API Portal also should also review KB 199747: Compatibility with API Portal 4.x and API Gateway 10 CR1.
Hardware Oracle Gateway Servers X5-2 and X7-2
After Gateway version 10.1, X5-2 and X7-2 servers will no longer be supported. These models are in Oracle’s list of end-of-life servers.
OAM Custom Assertion
The OAM Custom Assertion is deprecated. This custom assertion is no longer shipped anymore starting with Gateway version 10.0.
Require NTLM Authentication Credentials Assertion
The Require NTLM Authentication Credentials Assertion is deprecated. We recommend using Kerberos instead.
Restricted Shell Commands
Beginning with Gateway version 10.0, Foundation Services related restricted shell commands that manipulate 'keyboard', 'network', and 'interface' items have now been deprecated.
Removed SSL Protocols
Beginning with Gateway 10.0 CR3, the following SSL protocols that were deprecated earlier have been removed from Gateway: SSLv2, SSLv3, and SSLv2 Compatible Client Hello. Additionally, starting with Gateway 10.1, the TLS v1.0 and TLS v1.1 protocols are disabled. We recommend you to use TLS 1.2 or higher instead.
Salesforce Custom Assertion
The Salesforce custom assertion (or Salesforce Integration Solution Kit) has been discontinued.
Scan Using Symantec Antivirus Assertion
Scan Using Symantec Antivirus assertion has been deprecated. Use Scan Using ICAP-Enabled Antivirus assertion to connect Gateway to Symantec.
Siteminder Assertions
The following Siteminder-related assertions have been deprecated:
  • Authenticate with SiteMinder R12 Protected Resource
  • Install the SiteMinder R12 Protected Resource
SNMP Support
SNMP Support has been deprecated to reduce security risk. The following features are affected:
  • Gateway as SNMP Agent
  • Send SNMP Trap Assertion
Software Gateway Operating Systems: SuSE and Solaris
Applies to the Software form-factor of the API Gateway only. Support for SuSE and Solaris Linux systems have been deprecated.
SSL Protocols
Support for the following SSL protocols have been deprecated: SSLv2, SSLv3 and SSLv2 Compatible Client Hello. Customers are encouraged to use TLS 1.0 or higher instead.
Tivoli Access Manager (TAM) 6.0, 6.1
TAM support will be deprecated. Currently, issues related to TAM custom assertions will receive limited best-effort support from Broadcom-Layer7.
UDDI Support
UDDI support has been discontinued. While users may encounter UDDI functions in the Policy Manager and other operational aspects of the Gateway, Broadcom Layer7 will no longer provide support as of Gateway version 10.1. Users seeking UDDI-related documentation may reference previous releases of API Gateway documentation.
WS Management API
WS Management API has been deprecated. Broadcom-Layer7  recommends that you use the REST Management API service instead for richer functionality in managing Gateways via an API.