List of Update Files

This section lists the files that are required to upgrade your gateway to Release 10.1. These instructions apply to both Software and Appliance Gateway form factors (Hardware and Virtual).
This section lists the files that are required to upgrade your
Layer7 API Gateway
to Release 10.1. These instructions apply to both Software and Appliance Gateway form factors (Hardware and Virtual).
For detailed instructions on upgrading your Gateway, see Upgrade a Software Gateway.
The update files are contained in image files from the distribution archives. For more information, see "Distribution Archive Files" in Release Notes.
The Gateway is designed around two major components: Platform and Application.
  • The
    consists of the server that runs the API Gateway appliance and the dependency applications and tools that are located on it. This includes (but not limited to) the Linux kernel, OpenSSL, and MySQL.
  • The
    is the Java component of the API Gateway. The Application comprises the JDK and the Java programs that comprise the API Management suite.
    AdoptOpenJDK and Gateway Version 10.1
    Gateway version 10.1 uses AdoptOpenJDK 11.0.11+9. Before upgrading your Gateway to version 10.x, save a copy of your file in case you have customized it. Moving forward, any customizations should be inserted directly in the configuration override file, found in
Components are designed to be updated separately, allowing systems administrators to upgrade the Platform without upgrading the Application. This ensures that the Gateway remains compliant with security protocols and is protected against common threats. A Gateway upgrade involves upgrading both the Platform and Application.
Upgrading Hardware Appliances and Virtual Appliances
Platform updates are required for Hardware Appliances and Virtual Appliances. They are not required for Software Gateways. Ensure that the host computer on which the Gateway is installed is updated according to best practices.
You must use one of the expedited upgrade procedures to get to Gateway 10.x.
The Manual Expedited Upgrade Procedure consists of installing a new Gateway, then manually migrating data from the older Gateway version. The current procedure is supported for migrating from Gateway 9.x to Gateway 10.x.
An alternative to this manual procedure is the Automated Expedited Upgrade Procedure. The benefits of the automated procedure include ease of backup and configuration, and the ability to upgrade multiple Gateway clusters simultaneously. The Automated Expedited Upgrade procedure is only supported for migrating data from Gateway 9.4 to Gateway 10.x.
The Standard Upgrade Procedure using sequential platform patches is not supported between 9.x to 10.x. For example, use the standard upgrade procedure if you're upgrading from Gateway 10.0 to Gateway 10.1.
If you have an Appliance Gateway (either hardware or virtual) and are using the standard upgrade procedure, use the following update files:
  • Layer7_API_Gateway_v10.1.00.11620.L7P
  • Layer7_API_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v10.1.00-CentOS.L7P
  • CA_SSO_SDK_Compact_v12.8.03.L7P
Starting in version 10.0, Hardware Appliance Gateways and Virtual Appliance Gateways run only on CentOS 7.
Upgrading Software Appliances
If you have a Software Gateway, use the appropriate update files based on your host operating system (RHEL/CentOS):
  • Layer7_API_Gateway_v10.1.00.11620.L7P
  • CA_SSO_SDK_Compact_v12.8.03.L7P