Enroll with Portal

Enroll with Portal
task enrolls an on-premise
Layer7 API Gateway
cluster to serve as the API proxy for Layer7 API Management SaaS ("the Portal"). When the enrollment is complete, the Portal Administrator gains Gateway Administrator privileges.
To access this task: Tasks > Extensions and Add-Ons > Enroll with Portal
You do not need to run the Enroll with Portal task if: (1) You are currently running the Layer7 API Developer Portal (Portal server is on-premise). (2) You have purchased the Layer7 API Management SaaS product (both Portal and API Proxy exist in the cloud).
  • Ensure that the Layer7 API Management OAuth Toolkit is installed on the on-premise Gateway, with the default parameters:
    • No prefix
    • Default JDBC Connection name (OAuth)
  • Obtain the enrollment URL from the Layer7 API Developer Portal SaaS::
    1. Log in as the administrator on the Developer Portal SaaS home page. The system detects that enrollment is necessary.
    2. On the Enrollment URL page, copy the URL that is displayed. Do not close the page, as a connection test is performed after the URL is pasted into the Policy Manager.
      For added security, use the enrollment URL promptly and keep it confidential. Anyone who obtains this URL before it is used can enroll a different Gateway with the Portal.
What you should know...
Enrollment URL
Paste the URL obtained from the Portal as described under "Prerequisites".
Frequently Asked Questions
Why did the enrollment not work?
Check the following:
  • Enrollment URL not valid.
    Solution: Check that you have copied the entire URL from the Portal enrollment page. Recommend using the 'Select URL' button rather than manually selecting the characters.
  • Enrollment token has already been used.
    Solution: Check that no one else has attempted to use this URL to enroll.
  • Server public key PIN in enrollment URL does not match the actual server certificate.
    Solution: Check that you have copied the URL correctly.
  • RESTMAN bundle cannot be installed.
    Solution: The enrollment process downloads and installs several REST Management bundles in the background. Check that your internet connection was not disrupted.
  • Cluster already enrolled with Portal.
    Solution: There is nothing to correct. You may use the Developer Portal SaaS normally.
Can I obtain the Portal URL from Support?
No. You must obtain the URL from the Layer7 API Developer Portal SaaS. Support cannot provide this URL to you.
What happens if the Portal URL expires before I can use it?
Simply log in to the Developer SaaS Portal again and a new URL is generated.