Edit a Certificate

You can edit an existing certificate in the federated  trust store.
You can edit an existing certificate in the federated 
Layer7 API Gateway
 trust store.
Follow these steps:
  1. In the Policy Manager, select 
    [Tasks] > Certificates, Keys, and Secrets > Manage Certificates
     from the main menu. The Manage Certificates dialog appears.
  2. Select the certificate you want to edit and then click [
    ]. The Certificate Properties dialog appears.
  3. Edit the certificate details as required. For more information, see Certificate Properties.
  4. If you need to export the certificate to a file, click [
    For more information, see Export a Certificate.
  5. Click [
    The modified certificate is updated in the trust store and Manage Certificates dialog.
  6. Click [
    ] to close the Manage Certificates dialog.