Manage Scheduled Tasks

Manage Scheduled Tasks
task schedules a policy fragment to run at specific time or interval. 
To access this task:
Tasks > Global Settings > Manage Scheduled Tasks
  • A policy with the following properties:
    • Policy Type: 
      Policy-Backed Service Operation Policy Fragment
    • Policy Tag:
    Policies of other types and tags are not eligible for scheduling.
Cluster Property
Cluster property 
controls the number of worker threads for the scheduler. For more information, see Miscellaneous Cluster Properties.
This task is eligible for security zones.
Scheduled Task Properties
"All nodes" executes the policy on all Gateway nodes. "One node" executes the policy only on the master node.
What you should know...
Job Name
This name identifies the scheduled task.
Gateway Node
to execute the policy on all nodes or
to only execute on the master node.
Choose a policy to run. Only policy fragments of type "Policy-Backed Service Operation Policy Fragment: and tag "com.l7tech.objectmodel.polback.BackgroundTask" are displayed.
Execution Time
Choose whether the policy is recurring or executes one time only. For recurring policies, select a simple time interval or construct a Cron expression (using the controls in the Advanced section).
Creating Cron expressions is an advanced technique that requires knowledge of Cron jobs.
Clearing the "Enable" check box lets you temporarily suspend the recurring job, while keeping ability to run one-time jobs. 
Limitations for Cron expressions:
  • Special qualifiers for the day of week are not supported. For example, you cannot enter "6L" to indicate last Friday of every month.
  • There is no year field.
Day of Week
Select which day(s) of the week the schedule applies. If no days are selected, then the task can run on any day of the week.
Selecting any day of the week automatically disables the "Day" setting under Advanced.
Security Zone
When this control is visible, optionally select a security zone for the scheduled task. To remove the scheduled task from a security zone (security role permitting), select "No security zone".
This control is hidden if either: (a) no security zones have been defined, or (b) you do not have Read access to any security zone (regardless of whether you have Read access to entities inside the zones).
For more information, see Understanding Security Zones.
Execute policy with user
Execute the policy using the credentials the specified user, set via the
Select User
This control is available only to administrators.
Frequently Asked Questions
I don't have any eligible policy fragments. Can I convert other fragment types to the eligible format?
No. Policy types cannot be changed once you create a policy fragment of a specific type.
I entered an expression for "Day" but now I can't edit it.
Clear all the check boxes for "Day of Week" if you wish to use the Day field. You cannot set day parameters from both places.