Gateway Migration

There are several ways to migrate information between gateways:
There are several ways to migrate information between 
CA API Gateway
  • The Gateway Migration Utility (GMU) is the preferred method for migrating policies, services, and entities. Use GMU any time you need to migrate only a subset of your database. This section provides complete documentation on using GMU.
  • The
     utility is available if you need to clone an entire Gateway (with or without the database) and move it to another machine. This utility has the advantage of being able to migrate system files (such as
    ). However, you cannot migrate a subset of the database (it is either all or nothing). This utility is described under Migrate System Data.
  • The Command Line Policy Migration Tool (CMT) provides functionality similar to the newer GMU and is still used by some organizations. This is an older tool that is no longer officially supported by CA Technologies. CA Technologies encourages all users of CMT to switch to GMU. The topic CMT Differences and Command Mappings helps those fluent with CMT become productive with GMU quickly.
  • The 
    CA API Gateway
     - Enterprise Service Manager is an extra-cost application that provides migration capability using a friendly web browser interface. For information on obtaining this application, contact your CA Technologies representative. 
     Review the ESM user manual to see if the product meets your needs. See "CA API Management Technical Documentation" in Release Notes 9.3 to download this manual.
Gateway Migration Utility (GMU)
The Gateway Migration Utility (GMU) is a standalone, Java-based command-line tool for migrating supported entities and configurations between Gateways. GMU commands let you control which entities are migrated, and how they are migrated. GMU makes it easier to script migrations using the REST-based service, REST Management API.
Use GMU and the REST Management API?to do these common tasks:
  • Provision new 
    CA API Gateway
    (for example, from Test to Production)
  • Migrate policies between Gateways
  • Create migration templates to:
    • Easily make minor changes to Gateways
    • Migrate the same bundle with different environment configurations to other Gateways
The subsequent topics in this section provide complete details on how to use GMU.
If you need to migrate system data (OS-level files and database), see Migrate Using GMU does not migrate system data.