New Features and Enhancements

For a list of enhancements in the Enterprise Service Manager, refer to
CA API Gateway ESM Release Notes v1.17.0.pdf
. This file is located under "CA API Management Technical Documentation" in Release Notes 9.3.
Migrating Solution Kits
Migrating Solution Kits has been streamlined with the inclusion of the new "manageSolutionsKits" command. You do not need to run a cURL script any more. For more information, see Migrate Solution Kits.
Patch Management
(Appliance Gateway only)
Deleting patch files is now easier. You can now use the configuration menu to delete a single patch, delete patches in bulk, or automatically delete installed patches. By default, auto-deletion is enabled for installed patches.
Listing of patches has been improved. You can now clearly see which patches are installed, uploaded, or failed.
For more information, see Patch an Appliance Gateway.
Latency of Encapsulated Assertions
You can now view the cumulative latency of an encapsulated assertion, as well as the latency of each individual assertion within the encapsulated assertion. See these new entities:
Apply Throughput Quota Assertion Performance
The default Scalability setting is now set to the highest level to improve performance. When Scalability is set to the highest level,
API Gateway
performs database write-read operations asynchronously in batches.
For more information, see Apply Throughput Quota Assertion.
TLS Updates
For improved security, TLS 1.1, 1.2 is enabled for all inbound and outbound SSL. New listen ports, HTTP configurations, or HTTP routing assertions are now set to TLS 1.2 by default upon creation.
Existing settings are not changed during the upgrade to v9.2.
Enhanced Third Party Support
Version 9.2 adds support for the following third party applications:
  • Cassandra 3.x
  • CentOS 7 (for the Software Gateway)
For complete information about third party support, see Requirements and Compatibility.
Support for Azure ARM
Layer7 API Gateway
now supports running the Gateway Azure Image in the "Resource Manager" (ARM) Deployment mode. For more information, see Run CA API Gateway in Microsoft Azure Cloud.
Migrate Virtual Appliance to CentOS
You can now migrate your v8.x or higher Virtual Appliance from RHEL to CentOS. Complete instructions are provided in Migrate to CentOS Virtual Appliance.
Support for Docker
The CA API Gateway is now compatible with the Docker environment. For more information, see Using the Gateway Docker Appliance (OLD).
LDAP Reconnect Timeout
You can now configure a waiting period for retrying a failed LDAP server. The new
property sets a cluster-wide value. This can be overridden in a policy through the LDAP Identity Provider Wizard.
For more information, see LDAP Identity Provider Wizard.
Empty attributes when querying LDAP
When querying LDAP attributes, you can now instruct the Query LDAP Assertion to insert an empty string when the attribute is empty in LDAP. This ensures a consistent index length for all of the LDAP attributes and could simplify your LDAP queries.
For more information, see Query LDAP Assertion.
Retrieve LDAP record by DN
You can retrieve LDAP records by DN. For more information, see Query LDAP Assertion.
Configure scope in LDAP searches
Now you can configure scope in LDAP search. For more information, see Query LDAP Assertion.
WebSocket Connections
Several enhancements were made to the Manage WebSocket Connections task:
  • Now able to authenticate and authorize WebSocket connections using the new "connection policy" field
  • Outbound URL can now be dynamic, by using context variables from the connection policy
  • Support for WebSocket compression
  • Support for the selection of TLS protocols and cipher suites
  • Improved logging of connections
DataDirect Drivers
The DataDirect driver libraries have been upgraded to version 5.1.4.
Update Portal Integration option in Policy Manager
“Update Portal Integration” is removed from the Tasks, Extensions and Add-Ons menu.
Custom Assertions User Documentation
The following Custom Assertions manuals are now available on the Docops platform:
  • Custom Assertions Installation Manual
  • Understanding Custom Assertions
  • Creating Custom Assertions
To view these documents online, see Custom Assertions.
The PDF versions of these documents are now discontinued.
Miscellaneous Documentation Enhancements
Notable enhancements to the
Layer7 API Gateway
documentation on Docops:
  • Configuration instructions for using Thales nShield HSM products has been streamlined and improved. See: Configure Thales Hardware Security Modules
  • User manuals attached to Docops topics. You can now download PDFs directly from the Release Notes 9.3 topic, without needing to visit the CA Support site.
Gateway Migration Utility
Now you can perform the following using GMU:
  • Export bundle with or without dependencies. For more information, see migrateOut command.
  • MigrateIn to a folder of your choice on destination. For more information, see migrateIn command.
  • Allow "ignore" as default action while using
    command. For more information, see migrateOut command .
  • Ability to provide multiple entity types for the mapping element command. For more information, see manageMappings command.
Support for Oracle X7-2 Appliance
Version 9.2 of the
API Gateway
now supports the  Oracle X7-2 hardware appliance.