Privileged Shell for Root Commands

This section describes option 3 (Use a privileged shell) from the Gateway Main Menu.
This section describes option
(Use a privileged shell) from the Gateway Main Menu.
The Appliance Gateway uses menus to help guide you through most of the configuration tasks. However, it may be necessary to access the command line of the underlying operating system to accomplish specific configuration and administration tasks. This is the purpose of the privileged shell. This shell is identical to logging in as the
user of the OS and grants you complete control of the system.
It is assumed that anyone entering the privileged shell is familiar with the Linux command line and is comfortable with executing commands.
To use the privileged shell:
  1. Select option
    (Use a privileged shell) from the Appliance Gateway main menu.
  2. Enter the required commands.
  3. Enter
    to close the shell.
(1) When using the privileged shell, you must exercise
caution, as an incorrect or mistyped command may have irreversible consequences. (2) Changes made at the OS level may be lost when the system is upgraded. It is important to accurately record any privileged shell actions for reimplementation after an upgrade has been performed.
Root User Password
You will be required to change the password the first time you log in as the
user. The new password
adhere to the rules described under "Password Rules" in Troubleshooting Password Issues
The root account is locked after five (5) unsuccessful login attempts. The locked root account will be unlocked automatically after 20 minutes.