Change a User Password

There are two ways to change the password that is used to connect to the :
There are two ways to change the password that is used to connect to the
API Gateway
  • Users who have the roles "Administrator" or a custom role ("Read" Identity Provider; "Read" and "Update" Users) can change the password for any internal user in the system. Simply use the [
    Change Password
    ] button on the [
    ] tab of the user's Properties dialog. For more information, see Edit or Delete a User or Group.
  • Any user in the system (regardless of role) can change their password at any time using the Change Password dialog, which is accessed from the My Account dialog.
LDAP users must use the LDAP administrative program to change passwords. They cannot change their passwords using the Policy Manager.
Background: Authentication Caching
When a password is changed, there is a short delay before the new credentials are recognized and the old credentials are discarded. The following is some background information on how the
API Gateway
 uses cached credentials:
  • Credentials that are successfully authenticated against an identity provider are cached for 60 seconds by default. Credentials that fail authorization are cached for 30 seconds by default.
  • During the cache period, the
    API Gateway
     does not re-authenticate the same credentials; it returns the cached result instead (either success or failure).
  • While beneficial for performance, cached credentials may cause valid credentials to be rejected or invalid credentials to be accepted for a short period of time.
Example: Bob's password is changed from widget to gizmo. Within 60 seconds of the change, the password widget is still accepted. The new password gizmo will not be accepted for at least 30 seconds after the change.
If the
API Gateway
 is part of a cluster, wait an extra 15 seconds for the changes to propagate through the nodes.
To change your own password:
  1. In the Policy Manager, select [
    ] >
    My Account
    from the Main Menu (on the browser client, from the Manage menu). The My Account dialog appears.
  2. Click [
    Change Password
    ] in the [Properties] tab.The Change Password dialog appears.
  3. Configure the dialog as follows:
    User Name
    Your user name is displayed for reference; it cannot be edited.
    Type your current password.
    New Password
    Type your new password, between 8 and 32 characters long. Ensure that it conforms to the password rules.
    Confirm Password
    Retype your new password to confirm.
    Password Rules
    Displays a reminder of the password rules. For more information about how these rules are set, see Manage Password Policy.
  4. Click [
    ]. Your password is changed immediately.
    If the [
    ] button is not available, click [
    Password Rules
    ] to ensure that your new password conforms to all the rules listed.