Troubleshooting Mode in Policy Manager

The Microsoft Windows desktop client version of the Policy Manager contains two modes:
The Microsoft Windows desktop client version of the Policy Manager contains two modes:
  • A normal graphical mode for day-to-day use, and
  • A Troubleshooting Mode used by Network Administrators to gather additional information about system errors.
    The Linux version of the Policy Manager does not include a separate Troubleshooting Mode. However, log information is available when the "" file is run.
The Policy Manager user interface automatically opens when you initiate Troubleshooting Mode. You must log into the
API Gateway
 to troubleshoot in order to populate the command window. If the Policy Manager was already open, then another instance of the program will launch when you initiate Troubleshooting Mode. The new instance is tied to the command window and will automatically close when the MS-DOS window is closed.
To access the Troubleshooting Mode
  1. Click [
    ] >
    All Programs
    Policy Manager
    Policy Manager in Troubleshooting Mode
  2. A command window appears, the Policy Manager GUI launches, and the Login dialog appears.
    • Enter your
      User Name
    • Select the target
      API Gateway
       from the
      API Gateway
       URL drop-down list and click [
      ]. A pop-up status message appears and then automatically disappears when the
      API Gateway
       connection is established.
  3. The command window may become minimized after logging in. If so, select it to restore it.
  4. The command window is populated with Gateway-specific diagnostic information. If you require troubleshooting assistance, copy and paste the information into an email and send it to CA Technologies.
  5. Click the [
    ] in the top right corner to close the command window. The instance of the Policy Manager GUI that was launched by the Troubleshooting Mode will automatically close when you close the command window.
Troubleshooting with the Browser Client
To view troubleshooting information in the browser client version of the Policy Manager, you need to display the Java console:
  • For Windows browsers, right-click the Java icon in the system tray and select
    Open <version> Console
  • For non-Windows browsers, navigate to $JAVA_HOME/jre/bin and then run