Publish SOAP Web Service

The Policy Manager guides you through the web service publication process:
The Policy Manager guides you through the web service publication process:
  • When publishing a web service that has an existing WSDL (Web Services Description Language) document, the Publish SOAP Web Service Wizard allows you to easily enter the location, access credentials, and Gateway access option for the web service
  • When publishing a web service that does not have a WSDL document, the Create WSDL Wizard allows you to easily configure the WSDL elements that describe the business services, transactions, and electronic access instructions for the web service.
Publishing a web service does the following:
  1. Adds a web service to the Services and Policies  list of the Policy Manager.
  2. Establishes the web service's initial policy in the policy development window
  3. Allows authorized clients to access the web service through the Gateway.
The publishing process will add a Route via HTTP(S) assertion to the policy as long as there is at least one HTTP(S) endpoint declared in the WSDL document. If no HTTP(S) endpoints are defined in the WSDL, you must manually add an appropriate routing assertion to the policy.
The Policy Manager differentiates between SOAP web services and non-SOAP applications. To publish or edit a non-SOAP application, see Publishing a Non-SOAP Application.
You can publish multiple instances of the same web service when each contains a unique resolution URI. After publication, the Policy Manager allows you to view the web service WSDL code and change or reset the web service WSDL from an established WSDL document, without changing its existing policy.
Publishing a SOAP service creates a default policy that contains a security zones, you must have at least Read permission to the assertions in order to publish the service (for example, add yourself to the "Manage X Zone" role.)
Choose a task from the following table:
For information on how to...
Publish a SOAP web service with an existing WSDL document
Create a WSDL document before publishing a SOAP web service
Delete a published service
Specify a custom routing URI
Published Service Properties, "Configuring the [HTTP/FTP] tab"
View, edit, or reset a web service's WSDL
Published Service Properties, "Configuring the [WSDL] tab"