Gateway Migration

There are several ways to migrate information between gateways:
There are several ways to migrate information between
Layer7 API Gateway
  • The Gateway Migration Utility (GMU) is currently the common method for migrating policies, services, and entities. Use GMU any time you need to migrate only a subset of your database. This section provides complete documentation on using GMU.
  • The API Gateway Policy Plugin, officially introduced to APIM customers for Gateway Version 10.0 CR2, is the preferred method for migrations. You can look up its documentation.
Gateway Migration Utility (GMU)
The Gateway Migration Utility (GMU) is a standalone, Java-based command-line tool for migrating supported entities and configurations between Gateways. GMU commands let you control which entities are migrated, and how they are migrated. GMU makes it easier to script migrations using the REST-based service, REST Management API.
Use GMU and the REST Management API to do these common tasks:
  • Provision new
    Layer7 API Gateway
    (for example, from Test to Production)
  • Migrate policies between Gateways
  • Create migration templates to:
    • Easily make minor changes to Gateways
    • Migrate the same bundle with different environment configurations to other Gateways
The subsequent topics in this section provide complete details on how to use GMU.