Gateway System Settings (Appliance)

Configure System Settings (Option 1) in the Gateway main menu is used to view and edit the essential network settings for the Gateway appliance and to configure other system settings such as the keyboard layout. Network connectivity must be set up before you can configure the Gateway.
For illustrations on how the Gateway can be deployed on your network, see Network Deployment Guide.
Determining Whether a Default Gateway is Necessary
A default Gateway is a device that accepts packets that have destinations that do not match anything else in the routing table. Most networks do not require a default Gateway since it is implied by your IP address and the network topology.
During network configuration, you will be given a chance to configure a default Gateway. Whether you choose to define one now or skip over the step depends on several factors:
  • Do you have a single network environment? If so, you can most likely skip defining a default Gateway.
  • Do you have a multiple network environment? If so, you may want to define a default Gateway. Network environments with more than one interface will usually have more than one network connected to the machine and the most recently configured interface automatically becomes the default. If you do
    want this interface to be the default, then you will want to specify a default Gateway.
If in doubt, please consult your network administrator whether a default Gateway is required.
To configure system settings:
  1. Choose option
    (Configure system settings) from the Gateway main menu. The following settings may be configured:
    1) Configure networking and system time settings 2) Display current network configuration 3) Configure keyboard layout 4) Configure authentication method 5) Use Restricted shell 6) Export configuration 7) Import configuration A) About system (versions) X) Exit menu
  2. Select a menu option to start the configuration wizard for those settings.
(1) At any time within a configuration wizard, you may type "quit" to exit the configuration or "<<" to return to the previous step. Be aware that if you quit, none of the settings are saved. (2) It is recommended that you use the configuration wizards to configure you system for the first time. After this, you can use the Restricted Shell commands to update specific settings easily, or you can re-run a wizard.