Install, Configure, Upgrade

This document section describes how to install and configure the Layer7 API Gateway and its accompanying Policy Manager. You'll also earn how to configure a Gateway cluster.
The following terms are used throughout this section:
  • "Gateway" refers to the
    Layer7 API Gateway
  • "Policy Manager" refers to the
    Layer7 API Gateway
    - Policy Manager
  • "CI/CD" refers to Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Audience and Assumptions

These instructions are intended for facility coordinators, security managers, and other IT infrastructure staff familiar with:
  • The hardware and software infrastructure that will be used with the Layer7 API Management products, such as firewalls, Layer 2 or Layer 3 switches, routers, load balancers, databases, identity management or access control systems, application servers, and more.
  • Advanced TCP-IP and internetworking concepts, web services, and user management knowledge.
  • DevOps Workflows: If you are interested in deploying your Gateway Solution in a CI/CD pipeline, you must have working knowledge of third-party DevOps tools such as a Version Control System, build automation tool, and Continuous Integration/Delivery tools, as required by your DevOps architecture.
  • Container Orchestration: If you plan to implement your Container Gateway solution with a container orchestration system, you must have working knowledge of either Google Kubernetes Engine, or OpenShift.