Syslog Cluster Properties

The following properties configure the syslog implementation.
The following properties configure the syslog implementation.
After setting Cluster wide properties, you must either restart the Gateway or disable and re-enable the syslog log sink for changes to take effect.
Sets the maximum number of messages that can be buffered in the system when the syslog is busy or not reachable.
Default: 10000
min: 10000
max: 2147483647
The message dropping percentage compared to the entire queue size.
When syslog message queue is full, the Gateway starts to drop the old log messages at a percentage of the queue size to make room for new messages.
For example, When the queue size is set to 10,000 with a drop rate percent of 1, the number of messages dropped is 10,000 x 1% = 100
Default: 1 percent
min: 1
max: 100
The timeout value of a connection to the syslog host.
Default: 500ms
min: 1ms
max: 60000
When a message is pending, the Gateway starts the reconnect process.
The property sets the maximum number of reconnection attempts per syslog host before trying an alternate syslog host.
 For example, if reconnectAttempts is set to 4, the Gateway tries to connect to the first syslog host four times, then it tries the second syslog host.
If only one syslog host is configured, the Gateway tries to reconnect to it indefinitely.
Default: 1
min: 1
max: 10
The paused time between reconnection attempts.
Default: 1000ms
min: 1ms
max: 60000