Parent Copy Rule Type

Parent Copy Rule Type
You can obtain parent values or reference parent data without cascade processing if the parent value is subsequently altered by defining Parent Copy derivation rules. API Creator derives parent role names from foreign key relationships.
  1. In API Creator, go to Manage, Rules, and click 
    Create New Rule
  2. Select the
    Parent Copy
    rule type, the table to which it applies, and click 
    Create Rule
  3. Define the parameters of the rule:
    Rule name
    The name of the parent copy rule. 
     To apply a default value, leave this field blank.
    The name of the parent table and column representing the value to be copied into.
    The topic associated with this rule.
    Parent attribute to copy
    The parent attribute whose value is copied into the child attribute when you associate the child to a parent.
     The value is copied to child only during a POST. Changes to the parent attribute are not propagated to the child attribute.
    Select this checkbox to activate the rule.
     The definition must be complete.
  4. Click 
    Activate and Close
     to return to the list of rules.
The count rule is created.