API Creator Tour

API Creator Tour
The API Creator tour is a step-by-step walk-through showing the highlights of using API Creator. The tour creates the Northwind API sample using the pre-installed Derby database, including a few sample resources and rules.
For more information about the Northwind API sample, see Northwind API Sample.
The tour covers the following topics:
  • Create your API - Connect to your database.
  • Use your API.
  • Define custom resources.
  • Enforce integrity - Rules by way of JavaScript.
  • Enforce security.
  • Add data sources.
  • Browse and edit data using Data Explorer.
    Data Explorer also has a separate tour.
The API Creator tour consists of a series of mini-tours, indicated by the Tour icon, which display as graduation caps in API Creator. The following image shows an example of a Tour icon and the window that opens:
Start the Tour
You can start the tour by clicking a Tour icon in API Creator.
Exit the Tour
Press the <esc> key on your keyboard.
When you exit a mini-tour, that Tour icon disappears. You can reset the tour.
Reset the Tour
From the gear icon menu, select 
Show All Tutorials
Disable the Tour
You can disable the tour permanently by shift-clicking each of the tour steps.
You can restart the tour at any point by resetting the tour.
Hide the Tour
From the gear icon menu, select 
Hide All Tutorials