Learning Levels

Learning Levels
You can get up and running fast, and deploy enterprise-class APIs, using API Creator. Gain basic, intermediate, and advanced-level API Creator training using the following resources:
 You have followed the steps in the Training Guide that is in API Creator. To view the Training Guide in API Creator, with your API open, in the Favorites section, click 
Learning Center
, and then click the 
Training Guide
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Time to Achieve this Level
Connect to your database, build multi-table API, and use APIs.
  • You have completed the Quick Start and connected to the Northwind database.
  • You have reviewed the Service Map to understand the interface logic and business logic components available in 
    CA Live API Creator
  • You have explored the Marketing API sample.
Most users with a moderate database background can achieve this level within a couple of hours.
APIs, logic, integration, and operations. Use all the design patterns. Use JavaScript for events and event rules. 
  • You have confirmed your readiness to use 
    CA Live API Creator
     by completing the Readiness Lab in the Business to Business (B2B) sample.
  • You have watched the videos.
  • You have reviewed the Sample API.
  • You understand "think spreadsheets".
Most users with a moderate database background can achieve this level within one to three days.
Build new rule types and security provider.
  • You understand events and the system processing that raises them.
  • You have explored the 
    , and the 
  • You understand how to enforce endpoint access and row/column security.
  • You understand how rules work.
This level requires experience with APIs. Most users with a moderate database background can achieve this level within a week or two.