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The following videos illustrate the basic use, objectives, and concepts of 
CA Live API Creator
 components and features, and are recommended review material for new 
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Low Code Microservices - Short Video
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The following video illustrates the development of a complete microservice, including the UI, the API, the database, the business logic, and messaging.

API Creator Welcome Tour Video
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The following video is the Welcome Tour for API Creator. The Getting Started page summarizes the contents of the video.

For more information about the Getting Started page, see Getting Started.
Creating APIs - Alternatives Video
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The following video illustrates how to create your default API:

For more information about how to create your API using API Creator, see Creating APIs.
Rule Operation Video
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The following video visualizes rule operation. It describes reactive logic, what it is, how to use it, and how you declare your logic as a series of spreadsheet-like expressions (rules).

For more information about learning rules, see Learning Rules.
Reactive Logic Video
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The following video describes the concepts and operation of reactive logic for the following:
  • Definition
  • Execution: watch, react, chain

For more information about reactive logic, see Reactive Logic.
Data Explorer Video
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The following video is a walk-through of Data Explorer:
For more information about Data Explorer, see Data Explorer.
CA Live API Creator
 Security Video
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CA Live API Creator
 Security video describes the following concepts and operation for declarative security:
  • Admin versus application security.
  • Authentication providers.
     Default and custom.
  • Roles.
     Access and table permissions for row/column security.
  • Globals.
     Per/user parameterization for row filter.
For more information about security, see Security.
Custom Endpoints Video
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The custom endpoints video demonstrates how to use 
CA Live API Creator
 to create and test a custom endpoint for your API using JavaScript: