Installation Best Practices

The following are best practices when you are installing 
CA Live API Creator
We recommend the following best practices when you are installing 
CA Live API Creator
  • Installing 
    CA Live API Creator
     involves installing API Server. When installing the API Server to run as an on-premise service or as a cloud-based service, we recommend:
    • As many CPUs as required for peak load. API Server takes advantage of all available CPUs.
    • A minimum of 512MB of heap and a maximum of 4 to 8 GB per Java container. If you have extra RAM, consider using several Java containers.
      For more information about heap size configuration, see Installation Requirements and Supported Platforms.
    • A few GB of available disk space for log files.
  • When installing 
    CA Live API Creator
     to run as an on-premise service, work with your infrastructure teams to secure the application server according to the vendor's best practices, in particular:
    • Reset default passwords.
    • Remove unnecessary example applications.
    • Close unnecessary open ports.
  • When installing 
    CA Live API Creator
     to run as a cloud-based service, minimize the server exposure to any vulnerabilities within the environment by setting up the appropriate security groups. For example, if you are installing 
    CA Live API Creator
     to run as a cloud-based service in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Beanstalk environment, follow the best practices that are outlined in the AWS documentation.
  • Review the security protocol requirements for the services that are hosted on 
    CA Live API Creator
    . Minimize your service's exposure to security vulnerabilities.
    For more information about how to minimize the exposure to these vulnerabilities, see Restrict the Use of Cryptographic Algorithms and Protocols.
  • Secure the admin database according to the database vendor's best practices.
  • Configure monitoring services for 
    CA Live API Creator
     server health using the 
     system REST endpoint.
    For more information about this endpoint, see System REST Endpoints.
  • When you start your server after installing 
    CA Live API Creator
    , set the password for the initial API developer (a TeamSpace user) for the 
     TeamSpace by adding the 
    For more information about these environment variables, see Common Installation Options.
For a list of all best practices, see Best Practices.