API Versions

API Versions
As your API evolves, you can create API versions. You can add, change, and remove resources yet preserve the existing API under an older version. Your API's clients typically expect a certain set of resources to be available. The API versions are part of the URL of a REST endpoint. To prevent breaking the clients, create an API version.
You can create different namespaces for the resources that you define explicitly in your API using API Creator using the version name unique string value.
For more information about the portion of the URL that reflects the request that you are coding, including the API version, see The API URL.
In this article:
Create API Versions
  1. With your API open, in the Create section, click
    A list of API versions display in the list.
  2. Click the version you want to clone from the list, and then click
    Clone <Version name>
A clone of the API is created.
Switch Between API Versions
  1. With your API open, in the Create section, click 
    The Resource tab displays by default.
  2. Select the version you want to switch to from the
    API Version
Filter by API Version
You can filter by version name in the REST Lab.
 For more information about how to filter by version name, see Test your API Using the REST Lab.