Manage API Issues

Manage API Issues
API issues represent potential problems with the schema, the rules, or other findings. You can explore the issues and you can fix them one by one. 
CA Live API Creator
 checks to see if there are any issues with your API in the following cases:
  • When you reload the schema. 
    CA Live API Creator
     finds schema changes.
    For more information about how to reload the schema, see Database Administration.
  • When you verify your API.
    You can verify your API from the Issues page or from the API Properties page.
    For more information about how to verify your API from the API Properties page, see API Properties.
Common issues include:
  • Moving from one database to another and the case of the attribute and table names do not match or missing objects.
  • Adding a schema filter limiting tables used by rules, resources, or functions.
  • Resources that refer to tables or columns that do not exist.
  • Resource attributes that refer to columns that do not exist.
  • More than one rule defines the value of an attribute.
  • Invalid or missing relationship names.
  • Functions referencing tables or resources that are invalid or missing.
  • Imported APIs missing reference libraries.
    For more information about how to update relationship names, see Manage Relationships.
Generate a List of Issues and Fix Them
You can generate a list of API issues, view them, and close them.
Follow these steps:
  1. With your API open, in the Tools section, click 
    A list of issues are generated and display on the Issues page.
  2. For each issue, select it and complete one of the following:
    • Navigate to the location of the issue in your API by clicking 
      and then fix the issue.
    • Have 
      CA Live API Creator
       attempt to correct the issue by clicking 
      If this issue is related to a rule or resource, clicking 
       deletes the rule or resources.
  3. Clear the issue from the list by clicking 
The issue is fixed.