Getting Started

Get an introduction to how CA Live API Creator works by following the workflow in Getting Started.
Use the following process to get started with 
Layer7 Live API Creator
, based on the components:
  1. Install 
    Layer7 Live API Creator
    For more information about the various options you can use to install 
    Layer7 Live API Creator
    , see Installing and Upgrading.
  2. Get started with API Creator using the Quick Start
    The Quick Start is a step-by-step walkthrough of the key uses for using 
    Layer7 Live API Creator
  3. Explore the Conference Offers and Management API samples
    You can explore these samples in API Creator. On the APIs page, click the 
    Learning Center - Introduction
     tile, then click the
    tab in the Learning Center. The high-level steps illustrate creating a microservice, starting from design to outcome.
    These API samples are included with the single-user demonstration package of 
    Layer7 Live API Creator
    that is based on Jetty and with the 
    Layer7 Live API Creator
    Docker container installation. You can also load these API samples if you have installed 
    Layer7 Live API Creator
     on another Java container.
    For more information about these API samples, see Conference Offers and Management API Samples.
  4. Watch the videos
    Get an introduction to 
    Layer7 Live API Creator
     by watching the videos.
  5. Create your API
    Customize your API by connecting and integrating one or more enterprise data sources (SQL or NoSQL) or existing APIs in 
    Layer7 Live API Creator
     by way of JDBC or APIs.
    For more information about how to create your API, including how to connect to your database when creating an API in API Creator, see Creating APIs.
  6. Review the best practices
    For a list of the best practices, see Best Practices.