Live API Creator Architecture

The following image shows the architecture of :
The following image shows the architecture of
Layer7 Live API Creator
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Layer7 Live API Creator
System Components
The following system components provide an application backend for internal applications, mobile development projects, data-as-a-service (DaaS) exposure, Internet of Things (IoT) enablement, and integration with partner applications:
API Server
API Server is the core component of
Layer7 Live API Creator
, often known as the API/message-enabled middle tier.
API Server:
  • Processes client requests (APIs and messages) that web/mobile applications and other systems send. When there is no originating event, you can define listeners that listen to message queues and timers that can call other endpoints in
    Layer7 Live API Creator
  • Enforces your business and integration logic.
  • Persists your data to enterprise data sources, such as SQL/NoSQL databases and other services.
  • Contains the API definitions that it loads from the admin repository.
API Creator
API Creator is a point-and-click interface for creating APIs. It runs in web browsers.
API Creator is:
  • Live
    : No code generation, no compile, no deploy.
  • Declarative:
    It includes point-and-click API definition, spreadsheet-like rules for logic, and row/column security.
  • Extensible:
    JavaScript logic and events can invoke web services, Java code, and JavaScript libraries.
The Admin Repository
The admin repository is a file directory where API Server stores your API definitions, including resources, logic, security, filters, and Data Explorer settings.
You can:
  • Check files into source control systems (SCS), such as Git, for team development.
    For more information about team development, see Team Development.
  • Deploy API definitions across environments using the command-line interfaces (CLIs) in your existing DevOps workflows.
    For more information about how to deploy API definitions, see Import and Export APIs.
For more information about the admin repository, see View your API Definition.
Data Explorer
Data Explorer is a customizable web application that
Layer7 Live API Creator
automatically creates for your API. You can test, prototype, perform back-office data maintenance to your API, and view data for existing systems using Data Explorer.
For more information about Data Explorer, see Data Explorer.
Declarative Services: Retrieval, Update Logic, Data Security
Specify your logic and security policy using the following declarative services:
  • Retrieval.
    Layer7 Live API Creator
    provides RESTful services, SQL processing, and JSON request/response processing for all endpoints.
  • Update-logic execution.
    Layer7 Live API Creator
    enforces your logic on all PUT, POST, and DELETE requests. This enforcement applies to the resources you explicitly define in API Creator, and to tables.
  • Data-security enforcement.
    Layer7 Live API Creator
    controls row/column retrieval and on updates by applying entity-based role level permissions.
JavaScript Extension Points
You can call legacy logic, and other external JavaScript libraries or JAR files using the following JavaScript extension points:
  • Resource events.
    Use resource GET and PUT/POST events for requests in your resources.
    For more information about resource events, see Manage Resource Events.
  • Rules
    . You can extend system automation for update and retrieval logic with procedural code using server-side JavaScript code.
    For more information about how to use JavaScript code in rules, see Extensibility.
For more information about the difference between resource events and rules, see Event Rule Types.
Layer7 Live API Creator
supports the following deployment options:
  • On-premise
    : Deploy into standard Java containers–such as Apache Tomcat, Jetty, and Oracle WebLogic–as an installable web application ARchive (WAR) file. The WAR file runs within the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
  • In the cloud
    : Deploy the WAR file to cloud-based environments such as AWS or Azure.
  • Container-based
    Layer7 Live API Creator
    includes a Docker container for microservice-based deployments.
You can deploy your APIs across environments and easily integrate with your existing DevOps workflow using the CLIs that
Layer7 Live API Creator
includes. You can load your API definitions in runtime using the API Server startup options.
For more information:
Layer7 Live API Creator
provides services that address enterprise-class performance, such as minimizing network latency, through RESTful server operation, to database management system (DBMS) optimization.
You can also scale API Server performance or provide failover support by configuring
Layer7 Live API Creator
to run as a cluster of nodes. Run
Layer7 Live API Creator
as a cluster so that your APIs can handle the request load and can perform optimally.
For more information:
  • About the services
    Layer7 Live API Creator
    provides to minimize network latency, see Performance.
  • About how to configure
    Layer7 Live API Creator
    to run as a cluster, see Configure to Run as a Cluster.