Managed Database Schema Concepts

This article describes the operation of SQL databases and is intended for IT architects.
In this article:
Creating and Changing Schemas
When you create a database (schema),
Layer7 Live API Creator
creates a schema with a randomized user, schema, and password. You can change these, depending on your database. For example, you cannot rename MySQL schemas.
After you change the catalog, database, user, or password, edit the data source, and then reload the schema.
For more information about how to reload schemas, see Database Administration.
As with existing databases, you can use familiar database tools to change your SQL database schema.
After you change the schema, reload it.
The ident Column for Tables
The tables that you add using API Creator include an
column. This column is an autonum (identity) column.
For more information about how to add tables, see Manage Existing Schemas.
Fields and Field Types
Fields represent the columns in your database. The term field is used to connote the mental model of a physical screen, rather than an abstract database notion. Accordingly, API Creator maps field types to column types, particularized for the target database type, for example, string, number, boolean, text.
For more information about how to determine the field type for a field using Data Explorer, see Manage Tables and Fields using Data Explorer.