Manage Topics

Manage Topics
You can capture business requirements, and the logic that implements them, into topics by grouping your rules into topics. Topics are methodology-neutral and provide clarity in the review of your business logic. They can represent Agile user stories or behavior-driven development (BDD) stories/behaviors that capture and group the business requirements and the business rules that implement them. For each behavior (such as Check Credit), enter it as a topic.
In this article:
Add a Topic
  1. With your API open, in the Create section, click 
    API Properties
     tab appears.
  2. Click the 
    Your topics are displayed in the topics list.
  3. Above the topics list, click 
    A new topic is displayed in the list.
  4. Complete the following, and then save your changes:
    • Enter a name and a summary for the topic for 
      Topic name
    • Assign a color to the topic to improve visualization of this topic for 
    • In the rich text section, record the description for this topic and the rules to which you want to associate to this topic.
      This becomes the 
       for this topic.
The topic is added.
Link a Topic to an Artifact
  1. On the 
     tab, select the topic from which you want to link other artifacts. 
  2. In the rich text section, add hyperlinks to the artifact, and then save your changes.
Associate a Rule to a Topic
Group rules together by associating them to topics. Within the topic definition, you can map Agile user stories or requirements to the topic. You can associate a rule to one or more topics.
 You have added the topic to which you want to associate the rule.
  1. With your API open, in the Create section, click 
    A list of rules display on the 
    By entity
  2. Click the rule that you want associate to the topic.
  3. Click the 
     field, select the rule, and then save your changes.
The rule is associated to the topic.
Filter Rules by Topic
You can filter rules to those of interest for development and for business-user communication.
  1. From the 
    By entity
     tab, click the 
    By topic
  2. A list of rules display organized by topic. The following image shows the Check Credit topic for the 
     API sample:
    Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 12.51.53 PM.png 
  3. Filter rules by a selected topic.