Managing APIs

Learn how to manage your API, including how to import and export APIs and how to manage TeamSpace, system administrator (sa), and API users.
APIs represent the grouping of your database connections, the schema, the resources, business rules, events, and the security access-control settings. Each API has a list of one or more registered databases. These APIs are active and available, or running. You manage the contents of an API using API Creator.
For more information:
  • About the list of registered databases, see Data Sources.
  • About how to manage your API using API Creator, see Managing APIs.
In this article:
Access your API
You can access your API from the APIs page. The APIs page is the landing page when you log in to API Creator. This page includes a list of your APIs. You can search for your API by entering part of the API name or part of the URL fragment in the 
Filter APIs by name
 field. Click the tile for the API that you want to access.
Disabled APIs are displayed with a DISABLED icon in the API tile. Disabled APIs do not accept requests.