Programmatic API Creation

Programmatic API Creation
You can create, develop, and test APIs by way of programs that import and export APIs. Use the programmatic approach to API creation, for example, if you are integrating API Creator with other software applications or if you are automating common functions, such as promoting development projects to production and creating branches.
You can create your API using the following methods:
  • Using REST calls or cURL commands
    For more information about how to create APIs programmatically using REST calls or cURL commands, see API Creation by REST.
  • Using the
    Layer7 Live API Creator
     Admin command-line interface (Admin CLI)
    You can script the creation of an API using the Admin CLI, 
     (or the alias 
    ). With this method, you can mask some of the raw REST calls.
    For more information about how to script the creation and deployment of an API (import and export your API) using the Admin CLI, see Import and Export APIs.
  • Using the APICreatorSDK Node SDK
    For more information about how to create APIs programmatically using the
    Node SDK, see API Creation by NodeJS.