Reporting Services

Use the Reporting Services to generate reports.
A report procedure is a combination of
Database Analyzer
report requests (report queries) and SQL procedures (extended queries) that you select and submit for execution.
Use the Query Facility (online) to generate query reports to gather and analyze object statistics, including:
  • Previously extracted information that is stored in Db2 tables
  • Space usage at the Db2 table and index level or at the DASD volume level
  • Free space use, location, and distribution
  • Index and column details
Reporting Services also contains the Log Reporting Facility, which lets you view the audit error messages and user messages in the
log tables. This facility helps you identify and correct potential problems with your Db2 objects. You can view an audit error here, then jump to the Page Display Facility to view the Db2 page and correct the error.