Object Framework Services (OFS)

Review the Object Framework Services (OFS) requirements.
Object Framework Services (OFS) is a services layer that is used by the following products and the Alternate Catalog Mapping (ACM) component to perform Db2 system catalog access:
  • RC/Compare
  • RC/Extract
  • RC/Migrator
  • RC/Query
  • RC/Update
OFS is also used by
Log Analyzer
to generate DDL from the Db2 logs.
To specify default execution values for OFS DDL formatting, edit the OFS parmlib member using the EP option on the CA Database Management Solutions Main Menu. For more information, see Prepare the OFS Parmlib Member. You can use these values to:
  • Generate common partition specifications at the global level or generate all partition specifications at every partition level
  • Generate or suppress the column names in a CREATE VIEW statement with SELECT(*)
  • Generate or suppress the default clauses in the CREATE statements for DB2 objects
  • Generate or suppress XML tags in DDL for system-generated external stored procedures.
OFS uses UNIX System Services (USS) provided POSIX services. Access to OMVS is required. If the NO-OMVS setting in CA ACF2 or NOUID setting in RACF is specified, contact an administrator to remove this setting to enable user access to OMVS. To avoid CEE errors, use 64-bit LE options in the CEEOPTS DD statement instead of 31-bit LE options.